Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Week 6


So much is happening, but when I sit down to write these emails every week, It's hard to remember anything haha. One thing to note though, is that fact that it is FREEZING. What's up with March being warmer than April? Seriously, this weather is a joke. Want to know what makes it even better? The fact that I brought zero coats or jackets other than my suit jacket. So P-days, service hours, or other times that I'm in normal clothes, I just wear a t-shirt. But it's okay, I'll soon be in 100% humidity and I won't want to own a single jacket.

Korean is coming along well, all the grammar forms are just making sense now. While I don't know nearly enough of them, the concept of the language structure is easy to grasp now each time I learn a new grammar form. Also, there's been a lot of Hanguk Sah r(lightly roll the "r")ahm (Korean people) arriving this week and a lot of them don't speak english. The awesome part is that I've been able to talk to them AND understand them about simple things like where they're from, their family, what they like to do, and where they're going on their mission, so that's been really cool. All the new missionaries going to Korea arrive tomorrow and the rest of the Hanguk sahrahm arrive next Monday. So these next few days are going to be so exciting. But do you know what that means? That means I've been out here for an entire transfer, that sure went by fast. My departure date to Korea is going to come up even faster, It's kind of crazy. So basically, what that means is, I have 2 1/2 weeks to become fluent in the Korean Language.

Going to the Temple every week has been so great, it's going to be weird to go two years without it. The Provo Temple, also, is surprisingly a lot more beautiful than it looks from the outside. Not that it's not beautiful on the outside, but I was definitely expecting a different interior. Also, someone told me that there were escalators inside the temple, just like the Jordan River, but there aren't. So I'm guessing that they've done some remodeling and it's since been updated to its more beautified state, removing the escalators and all. This morning, my district woke up early and we all went to the 6:40 session at the temple. Usually, the place is flooded with missionaries, but our walk over was peaceful, quiet, accompianied by a soft rain drizzle, and completely to ourselves. We're definitely going to do that every P-day now. Afterwards, we had breakfast at the temple cafeteria, and it was a fantastic way to break away from the repetitive meals at the MTC. Which by the way, aren't bad, but they definitely get old after a while.

Anyway, I said I would reveal the wonderful number haha, and as awkward as this is, I've lost 22 pounds. What? How does that even happen? Did I even have 22 pounds to lose? I guess so haha, but I'm definitely not in the norm here. All of the other Elders in my zone have gained anywhere from 5-15 pounds, and here I am getting "fit" instead of "fat". As I told you all before, I definitely wasn't going to be getting a missionary addition - and in Korea, that won't happen either. Three cheers for being athletic and not lazy like many of the other missionaries here.

But it's looking like my time is up, so I have to be going. I'll be getting on the computers most likely later today to send pictures, so you'll get those soon. Thanks again for all of you that send me letters/DearElders/packages!

Kaysayoh! Saranghayo!
Elder Graf

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