Monday, May 20, 2013


Another week gone, it's crazy how fast it went.  At this rate, I feel that 2 years will go by way too fast, it's actually kind of sad.  Then again, I've only been on my mission for 2 1/2 months so who am I to talk haha.  But yes, like I was saying, this week went by so fast.  To catch you up with what my life here is like, I'll just give you a daily re-cap of everything.
First we woke up, worked out, took showers, got ready, and had personal study for an hour.  That is our daily routine every day for 2 years up until 9:00am.  Then, we left home for the Church to call home because it was Mothers Day in America.  Following that, we emailed for another hour and then went to Lotte Mart to do our shopping.  Lotte Mart is Walmart on steroids.  It's a massive store in downtown Gunsan (and all over Korea) where one floor is their grocery store, the next floor is their everything else store - like everything that Walmart has and more, and then the next floor is their nice department store comparable to Macy's.  So we got all of our supplies for the week and then for the rest of the day just relaxed at our apartment. 

Then, one of our investigator families took us out to go eat at a meat buffet where you choose all the raw meat you want, then you cook it yourself on the grill that is in the middle of the table that you eat at.  Ahhh, it was the best.  AND, the family is even better because the husband is Korean, the wife is from the Philippines, they don't know each other's native languages, but they do know English.  So they speak English which means that I can understand and have normal conversations with them haha.  Following that we tried to visit a less active member at their house but they weren't home so we just talked to people on the streets for the rest of the night.  In other words, I tried to talk to them in Korean, they understood and talked back, but I didn't understand a single word. But it's okay haha, because I'll get there.
Same morning routine as monday, but then we had to get on a bus right after that to go to Iksan for our district meeting that we have every Tuesday.  My district is awesome, there's 9 elders and 2 sisters.  We all ate lunch together, had our meeting, then my companion and I went home.  We had companionship study for an hour then we taught an investigator at the Church in Gunsan (it's where we meet all of our investigators, it's much easier than going to a house).  Following that, we had a dinner appointment with one of our members.  Then, for the rest of the night, we walked all over the city hanging up fliers for our English Class that we teach every Saturday and talked to people on the street while we did that.
Same morning routine but then we had companionship study/training for two hours and then language study after that.  This is our basic daily routine unless we have other things like district meeting.  After lunch, we leave the house at 1:00pm and start the day.  We didn't have any appointments with investigators so we tried to visit less actives, hung up more fliers, talked to people on the streets, and tracted in some apartment buildings.
Thursday - Sunday
So I'm running out of time, but by now you probably understand the basics out what my days are like.  It's fun, we meet with investigators almost daily, we have lots of dinner/lunch appointments, and we walk ALL DAY.  It's fun though, I'm having a really good time.  The rest of the week was full with more appointments, teaching our english class on Saturday, meeting 3 new investigators, and going to the ward picnic that was on Friday.  Our ward is awesome, I love them all.  I'm already sad that I don't get to be with them in a couple weeks when I'm transfered out, I already want to live here for forever, they're that awesome. 

This week is going to be just as busy as well, and so is the week after that.  I love reading all of your letters and hearing what your lives are like back at home.  The only thing is, I have no time to write back! Haha, but I'll get to that, I promise.  Also, I tried to attach pictures but it was taking too long.  So next week, I'll type less and send more pictures.  That'll be nice.  And I triple promise this time.  Haha, I've been making this promise for 2 months now though so you'll just have to wait another week and find out if I'll keep it or not.  Have fun back at home! I'm having a party here!
Elder Graf

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