Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 3

Sorry for skipping a week!  Last Monday I was just way too busy to write a big letter home like this, and this week I only have under 15 minutes to write this so it won't be long either.  But, here's an update!

Gunsan is such a cool city.  There's parts of the city that are modern and new and expensive where the streets are lined with office towers and clothing stores.  Then, there's other parts of the city that are super old and Asian where the streets are only 5 feet wide (so they're not really streets) and there's people selling fish and produce up and down the whole street.  Then there's lakes and mountains that surround the city that, when you're by them, make you feel like you're far away from civilization but you're really smack in the middle of a big Korean city.  It's crazy to see the all the very different types of cities combined into one.

Our members are incredible, only about 25 attend church, but it's great every time.  I can't understand practically anything, but I love seeing how faithful they all are.  Our investigators are awesome too, one of them could be baptized tomorrow because of how prepared he is.  The only problem is that his parents won't allow it, but we still continue to meet with all of our inviestigators and help them the best ways we can.

Anyway, I'm out of time to write, but I'll send these pictures.  Included are a couple highlights from leaving the MTC, and then arriving in Korea.  The meal at our house is provided by one of our members, she had chicken delivered to us - so nice!

Until next week,
Elder Graf

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