Sunday, November 17, 2013


Oh the weather outside is frightful
And I wish we had a fire that was delightful
Plus, we have many places to go
Yet it snowed, yet it snowed, yet it snowed

It doesn't show sign of stopping
We have no corn for popping
The lights are turned on every morning at 6:30.... and they're not low
Yet it snowed, yet it snowed, yet it snowed

Yes, we woke up this morning, looked outside, and the whole world was blanketed in white freezing powder. Fall officially came about three weeks ago when the leaves started changing. I guess it decided to be over pretty quickly and winter came instead.

Usually, I love the snow. Why? Because snow means snowboarding. Whelp, not as a missionary. So I'm very anti-snow right now haha.

But it's okay, it sure provided for wonderful pictures this morning on our way to the bathhouse (we go every P-day). The leaves are still on the trees, they haven't fallen yet, but now that the weather is freezing, they'll fall pretty fast now. Initially, we had a plan to go hiking today to see all the changing leaves, but I don't think we're going to do that anymore because of the weather. I got a text from the sister missionaries saying "Snow is here, hike is off, I'm freezing. Any other activities you can think of?"

I thought for a minute. Then responded:

"What we need is a nice cup of hot chocolate in a room full of warm, fluffy kitties to cuddle with."

Haha, and so we're doing it. After I'm done emailing, we're all going to the cat cafe. Yes, a cat cafe. They exist. All it is is a cafe with 30-50 cats walking around that you can pet and hold and play with as you hang out with your friends and drink your drinks. Epic, huh? It'll be my first time going to one here in Korea, so I'll let you know how it is when I write next week.

As far as missionary work goes, we found a new investigator this week! He is a 60 year old man and his is daughter and seperated wife are members living in Seoul. He has a lot of interest in learning about the gospel and attending church, so we're super excited to be meeting with him. Missionary work has been pretty dead (we've be working hard, but haven't had lots of success) recently, so it's really nice to have found a new person to help. Wish us luck!

Elder Graf

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