Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Banana Bread of Life

The time is ticking.  Actually, not only is it ticking, but it's almost out.  I, after today, will only have 2 1/2 more weeks here in the mission field. 

WHAT HAPPENED?  How did it come so fast?  I thought I just got here!

But, no, the truth is, my mission is coming to its end, and I only have 19 more days here in Korea.  Now, sadness definitely sets in when I dwell on the thought of leaving this country and all of the beautiful things and people I have come to love here.  Yes, it will be nice to see my family and be a normal human being again, but Korea and the wonderful things that my mission taught me will be truly missed.  So, in order to combat the bitter side of the situation, I decided I wanted to bring a little sweetness into the equation.  That is, sweetness in the form of banana bread.

Apparently, I'm a cook.  Or chef, or baker.  Whatever you call it.  I had no idea, but somehow I mix things together and it turns out incredibly delicious.  It's a good thing too, because our house actually has a little toaster oven and I've been able to master my skills of creating the most wonderful, soft, moist, sweet, and perfect banana bread ever.  While it's a nice little thing for me to eat myself, making things is no fun without sharing it with others.

If you remember, I transferred to my current ward not very long ago.  All of the other missionaries there are very new to the ward as well.  We have good relationships with the members, yes, but nothing was really strong.  We definitely had some bonding that needed to be done before member missionary work could really commence (also, I'm a social bee and need to fill up my talking/friendly/social tank).  

First, I made one loaf of banana bread for Sister Jang because she was sick with a cold and had to leave church early.  When we went to her house and gave her the bread, we also shared John 6:35 "I am the bread of life" (we thought it was cute).  After we left that evening, she was so overly happy and thankful for it, she wouldn't stop texting us thank you messages all throughout the night.  Because it was so successful, we thought it would be great to give bread to other members too.

Before we knew it, we were buying 30+ bananas and bags of flour, sugar, and other ingredients.  During studies in the morning, the oven was hot and the bread was baking.  Then, all throughout extra time when we didn't have appointments throughout the day, we would be at members houses sharing with them John 6:35 and a warm loaf of banana bread to accompany it.  Everybody loved it so much and it was a perfect way to open the way for a better relationship to be formed with us and all of the ward members.  It definitely is going to be sad to say goodbye to all of them when I have to leave in the next few weeks.  However, until then, at least our time together will be wonderful.

Elder Graf

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