Sunday, July 21, 2013

Back to Primary

I remember when I was in primary and Mom would stand next to me and whisper in my ear everything I needed to say in my talk.  Then, when I was in Valiant 10 or 11 or so, I was old enough to read my own - that was a big deal.  And yup, that was basically yesterday.
So my talk was in Korean, that's pretty cool, right?  Was it understandable?...... mmmmm sure, haha, ask the members.  Basically, all week I worked on it.  First, I chose a topic - faith.  Then, I wrote it out in English.  Then, I spent the rest of the week translating it.  I wrote the entire talk in Korean and finished late Saturday night.  I didn't have anytime to practice it before, but I knew most of the words and grammar forms so I felt pretty confident.  So there I was, sitting up on the stand, and I realized that I would of course forget everything the second I said "hello" up at the pulpit.  But it's okay, I had it all written out right?  Right. So that's what I did, haha, I just read my entire talk.
It turned out okay, I guess.  I mean, I only butchered a couple words.  As I started my talk, I tried to make a lot of eye contact at the beginning, but as the talk went on I slowly stopped doing that as frequently and just keep reading it.  By the time I finished, I realized I hadn't looked up in five minutes.  Dang it! haha, oh well.  I bore my testimony on faith, said how important it was, forgot to honorify God when I said he will bless us (that's a big deal in Korean) and said amen. DONE.  So I read my talk like I was in Primary, but all the members afterwards said it was good.  I asked a 15 year old member what it was on and he said "faith, right?" and that was enough success for me haha. 
First talk down, hopefully I won't have to give another one for a while.  I'm actually out of time to write anymore, but REALLY QUICKLY, this last week was really good.  Transfers are coming up next week, so I might be leaving Gunsan.  That'd be really said, I love it so much here.  We found more less actives and 3 new investigators, how cool is that? Super cool.  Anyway, so we're doing really good.  Until next week!
Elder Graf

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