Sunday, July 14, 2013

Piece of Cake

This week was FULL of planning.  Two weeks ago, President Shin came and told us about his new goals for the mission - to have 2000 active members per stake within 3 years.  So, Elder Ward and I did the math and figured out how many people we need to baptize and how many we need to re-activate by the end of this year for our ward to be on track towards the stake's goal.  Right now we're at 25 members, and by the end of the year we need to have 60.  So, we got to work and spent hours looking through the hundreds of people in the old church records again and marking where they are on our map.  Because of Old-Korea's street/address system being basically the most random thing in the world, finding them on the map is hard enough.  Then we have to go find the house in person, sometimes it's impossible.  There's so many people, and we definitely have a long way to go.
Later in the week, President and Sister Shin came and visited our house for interviews.  When we informed them about our master plan of 60 people and how we're going to do it, Sister Shin just said "Easy! Just baptize 20 people and reactive another 20!".  Piece of Cake, right?  Haha, I love how positive and determined our mission president and his wife is.  It's a big goal, especially for Gunsan, but it's TOTALLY possible and President and Sister Shin completely believe it is as well - 할수있어요!  So we got to work again, and BAM - found two new investigators and five less actives.  And, the investigators came to church with us yesterday as well.  Awesome, right?
So, the work is going well.  There's a lot to do, there's not enough time, but it's going to be all worth it.  So there I was on Sunday after church, feeling all postive about missionary work and all when the 1st counselor in our ward came up to me and announced that I would be giving a full talk next week in church.
World.  Shattered.
You would think that they would have learned their lesson a couple weeks ago by making me give the opening prayer when I said that we're grateful that we can partake of the flerbeadlkjf.  But nope, they apparently have the courage to listen to me butcher their language up at the pulpit for 20 minutes.  Piece of Cake again, right?  Right.  Haha, whelp, you'll DEFINITELY be hearing about this upcoming talk in next weeks email, I'm sure it will be a riot.
Anyway, that'll sure be fun.  Talk to you all next week.
Elder Grape

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