Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Two months ago, one of the Elders in my apartment received a Thanksgiving package. Yes, it came very early, but what it contained was glorious. Mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy mix, jello, etc - everything you would need for a makeshift mission Thanksgiving meal for four in Korea. We stored it away in hopes of saving it for the holiday.


He was transferred. And when he left, the Thanksgiving box went with him. It was heartbreaking, we didn't know what we would do without with it- ....I mean, we missed him too. Anyway, then, a month ago, I heard that I had a similar package for me in the mail coming my way. Oh how exciting! American food! For the holiday!


November 28th came and the package did not... Was it lost? Was it ever sent? Did the office elders and APs just confiscate it before sending it to my apartment? I didn't know what to do. Thanksgiving is the third greatest holiday of the year (Behind Christmas and My Creation Day of course), so it was a big deal. What would we do without a Thanksgiving meal? "Oh well", we thought, and we started going about our normal day. Dinner time came, so we went back home and started thinking of alternative options to our hopeful Thanksgiving feast. Then, the buzzer rang. Somebody was at the door.

Score! The package arrived just after 5:00PM - random, huh? But PERFECT timing. I opened my Thanksgiving in a Box and saw the wonderful contents it contained that my lovely mother put together. Mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy mix, corn bread, pumpkin pie mix, crystal light drink mix - everything you would ever need for a Thanksgiving feast. I called the other Elders immediately and gave them the assignment to buy a turkey. Sadly, that's not possible in Korea, but they found a cooked chicken at the street market, so we called it good enough. I made all the other food, and we had a wonderful feast together.

You're the best, mom! Thanks a ton!

Also, it's transfer week - ALREADY. I haven't gotten my call yet, but I'll get it sometime today. By this time next week, I could be in a totally different city! I'll let you know!

Elder Graf

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