Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Everything!

Area? Changed!  Companion? Changed! Entire experience?  Completely changed! 
Hello from Dangjin!  -the smallest little city in our mission.  It's so small, there's not even a church in our city - or even whole area.  No church, no ward, no branch, no nothing.  We have to travel to the neighboring city, Seosan, to go to church on Sundays.  Right now, there's no organized branch in our city, but the goal is to start a branch here in the next coming year.  Now, the city is small, but the area (landwise) is HUGE.  And it's amazingly beautiful.  In the 4 days that I have been here, I've already been all over the area, seen the ocean, walked through the rice fields, gone on bumpy bus rides on narrow roads through the hills, and been surrounded by countryside Korea.  I loved it when I was in Gunsan, missed it when I was in Cheongju, and have now decided that I definitely love the countryside here in Korea so much more than the city.  Each and everyday is an adventure, you just can't find any of these experiences in America.
Last night, after an hour long bus ride to an investigator who lives out in the middle of nowhere (thus, the bus ride was accompanied with beautiful scenery), we knocked on his door.  When he opened it, his face was covered with a sign that he was holding up for me.  It said "Welcome to Korea! Welcome to Dangin!" in English.  Haha, he was really excited to meet me.  We had an asesome lesson with him and are again going to make the trek out to his house tonight, but this time with a member. 
Which reminds me.
The members here are INCREDIBLE.  There are only a few members that live in Dangjin, but they also make the weekly trek to Seosan to go to church.  They are extremely faithful and 100% involved in the missionary work to help their branch grow.  Right now, because there is no church in Dangjin, we meet investigators and teach English class in a backroom of a member's store instead of going to Seosan.  That member also gives us food constantly and always teaches investigators with us.  The sacrafices the Korean members make just blow me away every week.
So Dangjin is awesome.  My new comp, Elder Otterson, is awesome.  I'm overall just super excited to be here and have yet another incredible experience during my time in Korea.
Wish me luck! Oh, and Happy Holidays!  It doesn't feel like Christmas at all here, but I'm sure you're all having a grand time welcoming the season.  Have a jolly one!
Elder Graf 

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