Wednesday, April 9, 2014

And then I have to say goodbye

After a week full of meeting with people, teaching english, teaching gospel, sight seeing with members, visiting less actives, walking through endless farming fields, hanging up flyers, taking pictures of beautiful blossoms, knocking on doors, going to stake conference, returning home Sunday night exhausted, and then waking up this morning to the rooster outside our window and thinking "Wow, it's already been six weeks?",  we sat and waiting for our transfer calls to come.
I started in Gunsan, a countryside city next to the sea.  Then I moved to Cheongju, a sprawling metropolis in the mountains.  Following that, it was back to a countryside city next to the sea, Dangjin, and now - any guesses?  It's following the patern and I'm headed to a sprawling metropolis in the mountains once again.  This time, it's Daejeon.  Yup, smack dab in the main city of our mission.  My area is called Yuseong (pronounced yoo suhng) and my companion is Elder Skinner - he's been in the mission for a few months.
Am I excited??  Of course!!  City is awesome!  So much life and activity, it'll be tons of fun to completely change my environment.  I'm also really glad I finally have the opportunity to go senior with an American companion - now I have no cushion to fall back on when it comes to my Korean (that's a good thing). But am I also sad to leave Dangjin?  No doubt about it.
During my time here, I've had highs and I've had lows.  It's a mission, so I guess that's expected, haha.  But out of all of my areas, it was in Dangjin that I really learned the most.  It was here that I had the biggest tasks, the most investigators, the hardest trials, the most support from members, the greatest examples from others, and overall - the best time.  I will never forget the miracles we saw here - the big ones and the small.  I hope to forever stay in contact with all of the wonderful people I have met - it will be really hard to say goodbye to them over the next few days before I go.
Now as I leave, I also enter the second half of my mission.  I've been here in Korea for a while, I've learned a lot, and I'm ready to take all of those skills and lessons and apply them full force.  Basically, it's kill it time - and I'm 100% ready!  I'm really excited for everything that I will experience in the next coming weeks and months.  Bring on Yuseong!
As I say goodbye to Dangjin (and the countryside) here's some pictures from the past few weeks.  Beautiful, isn't it?  (Korea, not me ;) )
Elder Graf

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