Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm in Korea now

It's a whole different world, this is not the country I've been living in.  

Last week, I spent my time saying goodbye to all of the wonderful people I have met over the past few months.  They were all sad to see me go as well and were kind enough to treat me to delicious restaurant trips and goodbye presents such as late night cake deliveries and long letters expressing how much I've helped them.

It was so hard to say goodbye, I'm going to miss them so much.  But I will definitely remember all of the wonderful experiences I had with them during my time in Dangjin.  Thursday came, my bags were all packed, and I headed out to Daejeon to meet my new companion.

Elder Skinner is his name and coolest companion ever is his game.  Haha, I'm super lucky to be serving with him, we have a ton in common with each other so this next transfer will be lots of fun.  Mainly though, we both want to work super hard in our area.  Which brings us to....

Yuseong/ SeJong!  My area!  After we met each other at the bus terminal, we took off to our area.  How did we get there, you ask?  The subway.  "Wait, you mean, we're not going to walk for miles through rice fields?", I thought in my mind.  The two of us took the elevator underground, carried my luggage onto the subway, and we were off.  As I was riding the train, I began to realize that everything I had been experiencing in the countryside was long gone - I was in a city now.  Taxis, subways, massive buildings, and thousands of people everywhere.  It was a whole new experience, and I was so excited to be jumping right into it.

So I've been here for a few days now, and things are going awesome.  We have great investigators - two of them even came to conference with us over the weekend.  One of them is actually scheduled to be baptized in two weeks - so we're really excited!  The area is amazing, especially SeJong.  It's a BRAND NEW city.  Everything in it was built within the last two years.  Korea is moving their capitol from Seoul to the new city SeJong because that is where is used to be hundreds of years back.  Two years ago, it was all just rice fields, but now it is a sprawling modern metropolis that is growing every day.  Basically, it's everything that I am interested in doing - so of course I would be sent here.  President knows me well.  Our main area is Yuseong (one of the neighborhoods in Daejeon) but we are given the special assignment to work in SeJong as well to start a branch there as the city grows.  Basically, it's what I was doing in Dangjin, but on a whole different level.

I'm so happy that I am here - it's a whole new world!  Already, I'm able to look back on my mission so far and learn so much.  I'm so excited for my time here in Yuseong/Sejong to see and learn new things and add to my Korean adventure.  Wish Elder Skinner and I good luck this week!

Elder Graf

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