Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Third

Sorry for skipping last week.  I promise, a ton happens each and every day - but now that I've been a missionary for so long, the every day things of teaching lessons, street contacting, and setting commitments with people is all so exciting, but when I sit down at the computer to write my big weekly update, well, I all-of-the-sudden can't think of anything interesting to write about....
.....and I'm facing the same problem right now....
But, I know I have family who is just DYING to hear from me.  So fine, haha, I'll write something and hope it sounds interesting enough.
Things went rather well this past week here in Korea.  We started meeting with this new guy out in a little town called Daepyeongni (I dare you to try to pronouce that correctly).  He is really cool, super nice, and loves to take us out to eat.  He also is open to listen to what we have to say and happily took the Book of Mormon from us when we offered it to him.
The week continued on as Korea lost in their match against Belgium.  Who knew the World Cup was so awesome??  I bought myself a Korean Soccer Jersey a few weeks back and have worn it over my white shirt and tie inside the house whenever it was game day.  No, we didn't watch any of the games.  But, oh, we could hear them.  The ENTIRE CITY was watching.  And whenever anything good or bad happened, you could hear the screams and shouts and stomping and horns and clapping of every single Korean in the country.  Sadly, like I said, they lost in the third game and were kicked out.... but apparently America is still going forward?  I ask my investigators daily for World Cup updates, haha, who knew I was so in to soccer.
Speaking of Soccer, Saturday came and we had a massive stake-wide soccer event.  The missionaries were invited and we all headed to KAIST (Korea's MIT) and played game after game at the stadium there.  My skills are nothing compared to the Korean's, but it's still tons of fun.
Sunday came, our investigator came to church with us, and the night was closed off with a delicious meal at a members house.  Before we knew it, it was Monday again.  But, not just any Monday - it's transfer Monday - ALREADY!  The call came, and we're staying again.  Skinner and I are super surprised (He's been here since January) but we're really excited for another 6 weeks! 
Hope you're all having a fun summer vacation!  Don't have too much fun without me!
Elder Graf

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