Monday, June 16, 2014

Tag along companions

So Elder Christofferson came a few weeks back, right?  Right.  Well he actually came in the first week of the new transfer.  So, all of those missionaries who went home last transfer missed him by one week.  They came to Korea for 2 years, worked super hard, found out an apostle would be coming to speak to them, and then found out it was actually the week after they would be going home and so they would miss it.  To some of these missionaries, that wasn't really all that fair, so President Shin made some arrangements and allowed those missionaries to extend for a extra 3 weeks (if they wanted) so that they could still be around for Elder Christofferson when he came.  Out of the group, two missionaries made the choice to stay (the others were all like "Please - I've been here for two years, I can see Elder Christofferson on TV in October") and President has been using them as "Traveling APs".  What does that mean?  Well, because there really isn't anywhere to put someone for merely 3 weeks, they have been given the special assignment to travel around the whole mission and be with each companionship for 3 or so days in order to give training and/or give them something to do before they go home.
That's when last week, we were joined by Elder Orr in his last stop of his mission tour.  And, instead of 3 days, he was with us all week until the day he went home.  It was tons of fun, and really interesting as well.  Over a year ago when I came into the mission, Elder Orr was in my district.  He was just a normal missionary in the middle of his mission, earlier than where I am now.  And now, he's going home.  Where did the time go?!
So all week long, we worked super hard, found a new investigator, taught tons of lessons, and committed our investigator Jason (code name from a few weeks back) to talk to his dad about baptism again.  If his dad says yes, he could be baptized tomorrow, the kid is extremely ready.  Then, on Thursday, it came time to say goodbye to Elder Orr and send him off to the mission office to go home.  We celebrated with a picture and a chicken buffet restaurant and sent him on his way.  He was a super good missionary - Zone Leader and then Traveling AP - so it was really great for us to spend his last week with him.
Now, for this week, Elder Skinner and I will be joined again by somebody else.  This time it's Elder Williams, one of the other elders who lives in our house.  His companion, Elder Park, will be going to the military for one week (it's required for all Koreans to do one week-long check up military service each year, so even though they're missionaries, they have to take a week off and do it).  So, for this whole next week, the 3 of us will be combining all of our investigators and appointments and doing them all together.  Should be fun!
Anyway, I'm out of time, but wish us luck!  Oh and here's a fun picture of Elder Skinner and I at a Buddhist temple.  We ran into it the other day and couldn't resist taking a picture.

Elder Graf

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