Monday, July 21, 2014

Skidding Tires

Hello from Summer Korea.  After there being 100% humidity for nearly two months now, our fans for our house finally arrived.  Now, we at least have something to battle the constant stickiness and sweat flow that accompanies us every day.
Anyway, things are going great!  And to tell you the truth, it's actually not that hot - plus I like it.  Hot weather is always better than cold weather.  However, every day, I do sure wish I had a swimming pool or beach to go to.... maybe it's a good thing President transfered me to an inland city during the summer months... haha ;)
So the week began as normal, and we met with and taught our investigators as usual, but sadly, our investigator Tom (who was supposed to get baptized yesterday) expressed to us that he just simply isn't ready for a commitment like baptism yet and he's going to need more time.  A little bummed from the news, Skinner and I were just sort of in a let down mood following our lunch time appointment with him.  It seemed as our day would be all gloomy, but then, our phone started to ring.  Not knowing the number, we answered anyway.  "Hello missionaries, this is Brother Park"
"Brother Park??",  we thought.  "Who is brother Park?"
"I am here in Sejong, where are you?"
"We're by the library right now"
"Perfect, I'll see you in 5 minutes"
Compeltely clueless as to who would be coming, we curiously waited on the street next to the library.  Then, from around the corner, came a brand new Infiniti sports car that drove right up next to us.  The window was rolled down and we saw Brother Park, a less active we have never met, called, and had only seen in the record books, smiling up at us.  "Do you want a ride?"
Turns out Brother Park loves all the missionaries that come into this area, and especially loves driving them around in his 420 or so horsepower car.  Both Skinner and I looked at each other... then back at the car... then at each other... and then got in the car.  Brother Park took us to a mountain where we got out and talked about life, his life, faith, God, everything.  We shared a few scriptures with him about the purpose of life and what God wants for us.  While the lesson was great for him, it was also wonderful for Elder Skinner and I - totally helped us refocus on what is important and get over our Tom woes.  After looking out at the beautiful Korean landscape next to the mountain and talking for quite some time, Brother Park thanked us for our time and said he would take us home.  "Oh you really don't have to, we can take the bus from here (Sejong is over 30 minutes from our house).  We don't want to burden you or anything"
Brother Park just looked at us like we were stupid.  "Have you seen my car?"
Of course, that's what Skinner and I really wanted him to say, and we jumped back in.  From where we were to where we had to go, it was just all freeway.  However, it was also later in the day and closer to rush hour, so there were a lot of cars.  BUT, there is also something called a bus lane (that only busses are supposed to use, of course).  Now, I won't go into to much detail, I don't want to scare my mother too much, but let me just say that I have NEVER been that fast in a car before, and I have NEVER smelled the tires burn that much before,  I have NEVER skidded around cars like that before, and I will probably NEVER ever again.  I dunno, something to do with 260kmh weaving in and out of the bus lane and cars that were going less than half our speed.  The entire ride, Skinner and I were just smiling and holding on for our lives while brother Park was just chill and confident, telling us "Don't be scared, this is fun".
Hahaha, he's crazy.  And we love him.
Anyway, the rest of the week was really good, but nothing of course beat our Fast and Furious experience.  Maybe he'll give us another ride again...
Elder Graf

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