Monday, July 14, 2014

The random events that make up a week

The other one had a critical typo that erros the story.  Here, this is better:
This week was just the standard, nothing special, normal missionary week.  In other words, it is full of adventures, surprises, and laughs.  Let me walk you through a few of them.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday went by rather smoothly.  We met with our investigators and tried our best to help them all with their faith - especially Tom.  He is scheduled to be baptized this upcoming Sunday but is also having a hard time with some of the commandments....  luckily, his girlfriend is out of town for a few weeks and won't be back until after his baptism ;)....  anyway.... We were sitting in our room Wednesday night planning for the next day when all of the sudden, we heard somebody from outside shout up "Hey Elders!"

I knew right when I heard it that it was Elder Ward's voice - my trainer from over a year ago.  Since him and I split up as companions, he went on to become Zone Leader and then AP.  His mission turned out to be a success and it was nearing the end.  He was scheduled to go home last Saturday, so I was just figuring that he would give me a call or something before he got on the plane to say goodbye.  I guess he had other ideas in mind, haha, because when we looked out the window, we just saw him there all alone with his backpack, waiting for us to let him in.

His AP days were over and he was just spending the last week of his mission bouncing from house to house all over the mission for a day at a time per President's request.  He got the command to crash our house for a day and surprised us with no warning in advance.  But there were of course no complains, it was great to see him one last time before he headed out to America.  He's now gone and with his family (lucky kid!) and the mission will always remain in a better state thanks to all the hard work he did over here.

The very next day, I had something special planned.  It was Elder Skinners hump-day, and I had sneakily bought very expensive American breakfast items (bacon, sausage, etc) to wake up early while everyone else was still sleeping and make him breakfast in bed.  I was thinking 6:00 would be a good time, it would give me 30 minutes until everyone else arrived, but then, Elder Skinner (who didn't know about my idea) announced that to celebrate his hump-day, he wanted to go to the bathhouse early in the morning.  Dang it.  So, I instead had to wake up at 4:30 to make him a delicious breakfast, which I did, and after he woke up, smiled and hugged me for my kind act of service, and ate deliciously, Elder Ward, Skinner, and I all went to the bathhouse together until we had to head back home for personal study at 8:00.

The week went on and we said goodbye to Elder Ward, Skinner's hump-day, and the sunny weather.  Rain came, as did far away appointments that required hour long bus rides.  One night, as we were riding the bus home, a drunk man decided to step on.  Instead of taking a bus seat, he just plopped himself right in the middle of the floor.  Of course, that didn't sit well with the bus driver, and after a few minutes of the drunk man not listening, the bus driver pulled over on the side of the road, apologized to all the other people riding the bus, and proceeded to call the cops.  Naturally, the first thing I did was get my camera out.  While we were just all sitting there in silence, waiting for the cops to come, one grandma on the bus decided to try to interveine with the situation.  "Hurry Mister!"  she kindly insisted/yelled "The police are coming! Sit in your seat!"  Haha, half the bus was giggling at how funny that sounded, but the drunk man was too out of it to even pay attention.  Finally, the cops came and took him off - our bus then continued onward.

The next day was long and hard - not many appointments and when we tried to talk with people on the street, nobody listened.  Finally, it was time to go home, so we scanned our passes and found a spot on the subway, luckily, because there usually is only room to stand.  After 20 minutes of riding, and still one stop away from the station by our house, Elder Skinner tapped my arm and said he felt like we should get off right then.  Spiritual prompting?  Maybe it didn't seem like it at first, but we followed it anyway.  We got off the train, walked out of the station, and were accompianed outside with a light drizzle of rain.  No people were outside on the street - it was just dark and wet.  "Well", we figured. "Let's walk home then", and we proceeded to walk down the street, following the path that the underground and out of the rain train would've taken us on.  But no matter, we soon got talking with each other about random topics and the walk home became interesting.  Somehow, the topic was changed to what snack restaurant we would go to right now if we were in America.  "You know what I miss?" asked Skinner.

"No, what?"  I answered.

"I just miss being able to be like 'huh... I'm hungry'.... and then going to somewhere like Wendy's or something and not even care about money, and then eat a crispy chicken sandwich and fries.  Satisfaction"

"Ahhhh, I know what you mean.  But now we have no money, or time, or Wendy's for that life.  It's gone, sadly... err, for the time being"

"Yeah..... I just could really take a burger right now"

"Me too"

And then, like it was out of a movie, we looked across the street and beheld infront of our eyes a brand new built and in the middle of its grand opening Burger King.  And, even better, right as we saw it, the traffic stopped and we were able to just walk across the street with no problem, straight to heaven.  Three burgers, two french fries, and a drink later, Elder Skinner were able to confirm with ourselves that spiritual promptings to get off of subways early indeed do come for a reason.

So, there you have it.  A week of investigators, drunk men, divine restaurants, and old companion farewells.  Hopefully this next week will be just as eventful, and hopefully Tom will be able to be baptized as well.  Wish us luck!

Elder Crap

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