Monday, September 22, 2014

Stickers bring change

So I'm not big on the whole write-all-about-my-investigator's-life-and-share-personal-things-that-I-wouldn't-want-to-be-shared-about-me-if-I-were-an-investigator thing, as you know, so I haven't really told you about really any of my investigators..... sorry!  But now that there is good news to share, I'll go a little bit more in depth ;)

One night four months ago, Elder Skinner and I didn't have any appointments.  We didn't want to knock doors... We didn't want to just wander around the streets....  We didn't want to just visit a random member and get fed food.... So we chose to sticker board.   What is sticker boarding?  We have a poster that we made with four different questions on it:  Do you belong to a special belief or religion?  Do you think that there is a God?  Do you think, if there was a God, that we could be able to communicate with him?  And, If you see us again, will you say hi?   We set up the poster on the streets, give people passing by stickers, and have them put the stickers on the "yes" or "no" by each question.  It's a good way to see what people think and start a conversation without having it be too awkward.

So we were sticker boarding by the university and not having much success finding potentials when all of the sudden, a guy walked up to us and asked us what we were doing.  We had him answer the questions, but he was more interested in us than putting the stickers on the board.  If I remember correctly, he didn't even answer a single question, I don't think...  Anyway, we ended up telling him that we're missionaries and he expressed an interest to meet with us again, so we exchanged numbers.

The next week, we called him up and scheduled an appointment to meet at our church.  Right off the bat, he trusted us and our friendship began.  He told us that his life has really taken a downturn and expressed to us all of his hardships that he has gone through.  We just promised him that, in the end, all we wanted to do was be his friend and help him the best we could.  Over the next few months, we continued to meet with him, taught him the lessons, and be there for him whenever he needed it.  Still at the first, the whole church thing was a little hard for him, but overtime he got more used to it and he chose to give it a try one Sunday.

Since the first time, he hasn't missed a single week.  I can't even begin to describe the miraculous change we have seen in his life starting with that first time he came to church.  Little by little, he started forming new goals, making new dreams, and overall started to become a happier person.  It was amazing to watch as the time went on week after week.  Still when we brought up big things like the word of wisdom, tithing, and baptism, it was a little scary for him, but he also overtime came to understand those things as well.  He would text me throughout the week with a text that just said "I'm so excited to go to our church on Sunday!  Have a good night!" and really in the end, just did a complete transformation.  Finally, he was ready, and after we gave him the invitation, he accepted to be baptized this last week.

And yes, it was just as perfect as you would hope it to be.

Hope you all have a great week!
Elder Graf

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