Monday, September 29, 2014

A Sister Mission

If I were a sister missionary, I would've started my mission back in March 2013 like I did....

I would've also come to Korea in May of last year and start off in the little Ocean city of Gunsan.

I would've had a wonderful time there, and upon leaving and moving to Cheongju, I would've been very sad but excited for the future.

I would've loved Cheongju, but I would've missed the small town feel for sure.

I would've jumped for joy when I found out I would move back to the coast in a small little country town called Dangjin.

I would've loved Dangjin with all of my heart, but loved the people there even more.  It would've been an amazing time there for sure, and when I would leave Dangjin and find out I would be going to the new capitol of Korea, I would've been counting all my little lucky blessings.

I would've loved SeJong even more than any area I've been in, and the time there would've gone by super fast.  I would've had a blast with my companions, had a great time with my investigators, and then as the months went on, I would've began to reminisce about the whole experience.

My time in Korea would've been coming to an end, but that would've been okay, because I would've been excited to go back home and see my family again and start my life with the mission behind me, but always with me still.

On my very last Sunday in Korea, I would've seen my investigator get baptized and how much his life has changed.  It would've been the perfect cherry on top of the icing on the cake.

There would've been many hugs and tears and last minute souvenir purchases before the trip up to Seoul and then home.  I would've watched the entire Korean peninsula disappear from my view as the plane ascended above the clouds and my trip home began.

If I was a sister missionary, I would be done.

BUT...................I'M NOT!  Haha, I'm an Elder!  And so even though I bid a ginormous farewell to each and every one of the sisters that began this Korean adventure with me in the Provo MTC on that slightly warm March day oh so long ago, they all left me, and I stayed behind.   Now, you might say..... "Hmmm, Elder Graf sure sounds like he wants to be home right now"... and I will tell you, that might be a good observation, but it's so not true!

Korea is amazing, I've established that enough.  This week alone we went to the foot spa with an investigator and attended this massive festival they are having to celebrate one of the ancient Korean dynasties.  But beyond Korea being amazing, this mission is amazing.  Yesterday I watched my recent convert give a talk in church talking about his conversion story.  Now, if I was a sister missionary, I would not have been able to witness the blessings the church has already brought him in one week's time.  So I am here, for at least a little while more, and I'm grateful for it.  And when the time comes for me to come home, it'll be because I was an Elder ;)

Elder Graf 

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