Monday, October 13, 2014

The Senior Week

Trainers do everything.

That's just the simple truth that comes with having a greenie as a companion.  As amazing as my companion is, in the end, I've still been here for 20 months and he has only been here for 2.


For the first little while, I just took the reins and helped him out the best I could.  He little by little learned, made some funny mistakes along the way, and became accustomed to the country.  Then, just as he started getting his feet underneath him - Senior Week came.  Senior Week is when the trainer acts as a junior, gives the cell phone to the greenie, and the greenie takes control of everything.  Directions, scheduling things, and teaching - it's all up to the greenie now.  And so this last week from Monday to Sunday - I became a junior companion all over again and Elder Godfrey took control.

Day 1 - We missed our Subway stop by 8 stops - that's a REALLY LONG TIME!  Hahaha, and we were late to our appointment because of it!  I just sat there, watched as our stop came and went, and kept quiet smiling to myself until Godfrey finally asked me "Wait, were we supposed to get off already?"  And I just replied "Uhhh, I dunno, were we?"

Day 2 - Got lost trying to find our church.  It's fine.

Days 3,4,5,6,7 - Things started going much smoother.  Missed a few more stops, forget to schedule and follow up with a few phone calls, and I had to step in a few times.  But overall, it was a great experience for both of us.  Elder Godfrey will be training in no time.

The week was also full of excitement too.  Friday night, there was a festival in SeJong and a famous K-pop band came.  We didn't attend the concert of course, but we heard and saw the fireworks from afar - it was the first time I've seen fireworks like that in a really long time - over 2 years actually.  Definitely brought a smile to my face.  Also, we met a new investigator this week and he LOVES US beyond belief.   He calls me Goostin, because he doesn't want to call me by my last name and when I said that my first name was Christian, he heard "Goostin" instead. Haha, it's not worth trying to correct.  ALSO, our teenage investigator who's Dad won't let be baptized is doing really great - it's actually looking like things might work out and his Dad could end up giving permission after all before I leave this area in 3 weeks.   That'd be awesome - it would be my third baptism in this area.

Things are going great, until next week!

Elder Graf

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