Sunday, August 11, 2013

Raccoons and the restoration

Another week down.  So I'm sitting here, trying to think about what I should write, and I honestly can't think of anything.  Usually, I have a pretty cool story to tell or something funny that happened but, thinking about it, this week was pretty average.  Hmmm.  haha, oh well, I'll walk you through it anyway.
So It began last Monday, P-day.  We emailed, shopped, went home, cleaned the house, Elder McDonald finished unpacking and moving in, and I studied Korean for 4 hours until we had to leave the house at 6.  That's basically all I do in my extra time.  Study Korean.  It's good though, I'm really starting to actually learn it for real now.  Hopefully I'll learn it fast.
Tuesday was our first district meeting of the transfer.  We have some new people in our district so it was fun to get to know everyone that I'm going to be seeing each week for the rest of the transfer.  After district meeting, we spent the rest of the day trying to find less actives and then we had a dinner that night with one of our members that night.  Korean food is incredible, I'm never going to get tired of it. 
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were kind of all the same.  Full of talking to people on the street, searching for missing less actives, meal appointments with an investigator (they took us to a really nice american restaurant), and meeting with investigators.  We don't have that many investigators right now.  You can count them all on one hand.  But it's okay, because we're going to try to find more - hopefully we will.
Now, this is where it gets fun.  Saturday night, one of our members called us and told us that we were going to be teaching our youth in church because the youth teacher couldn't make it and that we could choose the topic.  So what did we do?  We taught them the first lesson.  Haha, it's practically all we can do.  So we went in there and had an hour long discussion about the restoration and why it's important, it was actually really good.  At the end, we committed them (we're missionaries! Of couse we committed them!) to pray about the message of the restoration to find out for themselves if it is true.  Haha, it was pretty awesome.  Then, the rest of the day was spent doing the same exact thing we did on Wednesday-Saturday.  However, at around 8:00pm, a pack (herd?) of 6 asian raccoons crossed the road infront of us.  Of couse, we snuck up to them in the bushes and tried to get close.  They eventually came to us and were sniffing us/ walking around us.  It was pretty funning.  Two young boys (11 or 12 years old) saw what we were doing and came in to join.  I started talking to one of the boys and then ended up talking about our church to him, and gave him a Book of Mormon.  He was really excited to be talking to an american and couldn't stop saying thankyou (in english) after I gave him the book.  I never thought raccoons would help me teach someone about the Book of Mormon, haha.
Anyway, so it was an average week, sorry for it to sound boring.  But, hey!  It's not!  Because I'm a missionary! And that's a pretty cool thing to be.
Elder Graf

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