Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Start of a New Transfer

This week has been full of ups and downs. After we received our transfer calls last Monday, Elder Ward began packing his bags and I began to think "How in the world am I going to do this?" I'm only a third transfer, and now it's up to me to take the lead in all of our teaching situations and dealings with members and non-members alike. The days went by very fast. We spent our last few days together visiting with all of our members and investigators so that Elder Ward could say goodbye to them (they all loved him so much, he's been here since January). Wednesday night, our last night together, was spent having a goodbye dinner in the church with close ward members. Before we knew it, Thursday was here and it was time to go to the mission office in Daejeon to switch companions.

I can't believe my time as a greenie is already over. Elder Ward was really the best trainer I could've asked for. I'm so glad for the opportunity I had to be trained by him. We got to the mission office, found our new companions, said goodbye, and took off. My new companion is Elder Mcdonald. He's in his 14th transfer, so he's almost done with his mission. He also looks korean, but he was adopted into an American family when he was a baby so he's not really korean. The very first thing we did together was go to Costco, yes they have one in Korea and Elder McDonald had Adam Farrell's (an old missionary that is home now) old costco card. We stalked up with costco kettle sea salt chips, costco muffins, and got a slice of costco pizza on our way out. Ahhh, It was so nice.

Then my job began. It was really weird, but all of the sudden I could speak so much more korean than I thought. I was telling taxi drivers where to go, making phone calls with our investigators, introducing my new companion to the members, and giving book of mormons out to people on the street. I don't really know how to explain it, but all I know is that the Lord is helping me do this. I'm not fluent at all, I know nothing. But when I need to say something that is related to what I need to do as a missionary, I can say it. It might not be detailed or perfect, but I'm able to still say all that I need to.

Yesterday when we were riding the bus, I felt like I should say hi to the person next to me. So I did and after chatting for a little bit about where he's going, where he lives, works, etc, he told me "Wow, your korean is really good". I laughed and just said "No, I'm just a missionary. Have you heard about the book of mormon?". Haha, anyway, I ended up giving him a copy. Its incredible what the Lord can help me do.

Well I'm running out of time, but I'm doing great here in Gunsan. The church is true!

-Elder Graf

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