Sunday, September 22, 2013


This week was completely different from all of my others.  Why? Because it was 추석!  In English, it's pronounced Choo Sohk... sort of.... that's close enough.   Anyway, 추석 is the Korean version of American Thanksgiving.  But it's a three day long holiday instead of just one.  It's a really big deal, no one would like it if we knocked on their door during the holiday and tried to preach the gospel to them.  So our mission president understood this issue and called off normal missionary work for the week.  Instead, we've just been training with our Zone every day in preperation for this next transfer.
Anyway, I don't have al the time in the world, I'm running short.  But just for a quick update:  the mission is going great!  The holiday was fun, but there's not really much new to report this week because we haven't been able to meet with anyone or find new people.  However, now that the holiday is over, work will begin again starting today.  The weather here is nice, the city is full of life, the ward members are great, everything's awesome in Korea!
Next week will be a lot more interesting, I promise.
Elder Graf

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