Monday, September 30, 2013

Tall and Super Handsome

Hello from 청주 Korea! This last week was great.  I'll walk you through what happened day by day:

Monday:  P-Day.  Sadly, we didn't do anything intetesting or exciting.  We (meaning the 4 elders in my area: me, my companion Kim Daewon, Elder Bowman, and Elder Oehler) just relaxed, wrote emails, and ate at Pizza School.  Pizza School is like the Little Caesar's of Korea.  5 bucks and all.  Once P-day hours were over, we met with an investigator named Jahn Ho Nahn.  He is a college student here in Korea, but he's from China.  He is fluent in both English and Korean, but we teach him in English so he will understand better (His English is better than his Korean.  And obviously so is mine).  Anyway, we taught him the restoration and gave him a Chinese Book of Mormon.  He was really interested and already was accepting what we were telling him to be truth.  Cool!

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and Friday were days full of finding.  Finding, finding, finding.  We had practically zero investigators (instead of Jahn Ho Nahn) and so we street contacted, hung up English Class advertisements all over the universities in our city, and rode the bus with the sole intention to strike up conversations with the people sitting next to us.  Luckily, all of our efforts worked and we found two new people to come to English Class on Saturday, a new investigator who is interested in learning more about the church. and a family that wants us to teach them English (And the gospel.  They just don't know that yet).  So it was an awesome week full of finding! 

Saturday was our English Class.  Now.  The English Class in my last area was great, but we only had about 5 students (sometimes more).  In Cheongju, there's about 25 English Class attendees.  So it's a lot bigger.  And a lot funnier.

Anyway, this week we talked about introductions and how to properly introduce yourself in English to each other.  Then, at the end of class, we all put a sentence together using the things that we learned.  We all decided that the sentence would be an description for a certain person, introducing them to someone else.  Then they chose that that person would be me.  

So Elder Oehler began "Okay, the sentence will start like this:

Elder Graf is ___________"

Someone shouted out "Tall!"

Elder Oehler then said "Awesome,  good job.  So:

Elder Graf is tall and ___________"

Then a 70 year old grandpa that attends our class said, "Super handsome!"

We all died laughing.  Elder Oehler then wrote that up on the board.  Then, as part as our sentence routine at the end of every class, we all read it together.

"Elder Graf is tall and super handsome"

"Okay good job everybody!  Thanks for coming to English Class!"  And that was English Class this week.

Church was great on Sunday.  Afterwards, we met with Jahn Ho Nahn again.  He read the Book of Mormon introduction and part of first Nephi, said he believes the church is true, but he also said the word of wisdom (my companion brought it up) is impossible so he can't join.  I then talked with him how he can strengthen his testimony and learn about the fullness of the gospel.  We basically said that joining the church won't necessarily be easy or solve all his problems, and that keeping commandments might seem difficult at first.  But, if he has a testimony that it's true, he will understand why he should keep the commandments and his desire will change.  Anyway, he understood and said he would pray to know if it's true again and to have his desire change.  It was an awesome lesson and he's an awesome guy, just super willing and open to follow and listen to our message.

So that's my week!  This next week we'll meet with a lot more people so it'll be exciting to tell you all about it next Monday.  Until then!

그라프 장로

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