Monday, October 7, 2013

Sunsets and new pets

Well it's October!  Does it feel like October? No, not at all.  The weather here is still burning hot, the leaves are as green as ever, and fall time won't start to set in until end of October/beginning of November.  Luckily, I live in a city with a ton of trees - the streets here are lined with huge, old trees.  So it's going to be beautiful once the leaves start to change.

Anyway, although it's still hot, starting this weekend we have to wear suits.  Conference weekend is a week later here in Korea to allow for the translated DVDs to get here.  And it's the mission rule to wear suits from conference in October to conference in April.  It's going to be death.  But it's okay because it's made me have to buy new suits finally and I found AWESOME suits for only $50! Score!  So I might but a couple...  But I'm super excited for conference.  I've already heard all the news - 15 million members, 80,000 missionaries, but I'm dying to hear the talks.  I'm jealous all of you have already heard them all.

So missionary this last week has been great.  A couple weeks ago, we got a phone call from a guy telling us he saw our flier and wanted us to teach his son English.  No gospel interest, just English.  Well, we don't do that, so we told him we would teach his son English but also share gospel messages.  He said that would be okay, so we've been meeting with this kid (he's 11) every Wednesday for the last three weeks.  They live in 조치원 (Jo Chi Won), a countryside city about 45 minutes away from ours.  Two weeks ago, we gave him the Book of Mormon Stories book (the cartoon-ish one)  and asked him to read it along with the Book of Mormon so the stories would make more sense.  Then, last week when we met, he had read all the way up to Alma 50-something in the cartoon book.  He shared with us which parts he liked the best and says he really likes it.  We then asked the Mom to join in with us and we were able to share with them how the Gospel blesses families and how we would like to teach their son English, but we also want to teach family the gospel together.  She said they would think about it.  The family has tons of potential!  We hope that we will be able to start teaching them all and they will be interested in learning more.

Anyway, missionary work is great, but I decided it would be fun to spice some things up a bit.  There's a mission rule that says no pets of any kind... but if we're planning on eating it, I deemed it okay to buy something living.

So I was walking down the street and I saw massive crabs (giant aerobie for size comparison) for sale for only ONE DOLLAR!  Of course I bought it.  The thing was dangerous, snapping like crazy at me.  I got a cardboard box and put him inside - naming him Phil.  He was the best crab in the world.  On the bus ride home, with the cardboard box on my lap, I decided that I couldn't eat him - he was new my friend - how could I do that? I then realized I had no idea to cook a crab anyway...  Plus, he was worth a lot of money.  $1 goes a long way as a missionary...

Anyway. I took him home, made a place to put his box, and then texted the other elders saying I brought home a surprise.  Phil was snapping his claws like crazy.  I thought he was hungry, so I started looking for food.  What do crabs eat?  Algae?  Fish?  Seaweed?  Ah yes! Seaweed!  So I gave him some kim (dried seaweed).  Hmmm, he didn't do anything with it.  Then I realized he was a little dirty - he needed a bath.  I then took him to the sink.  Carefully put him inside, turned on the water, and started to give him a nice shower.

That's when it happened.

He started bubbling at the mouth and after thrashing around for a little bit, he slowed down little by little.  What happened!?  "No, don't die! I birthed you!"  Then I realized crabs are saltwater animals and I just soaked him in freshwater.  All of his little tiny cells couldn't handle the change in water and they decided to rupture.  Stupid saltwater cells.

So Phil died.  So much for that.  His funeral has been postposned... he is in our freezer right now ... I think I'm going to try the whole reviving thing once that technology is available.  Walt Disney, anyone?

So that was my week.  Onto another week of hot temperatures, exciting adventures, and General Conference to top it all off!

Oh, and I'm including pictures of the sunset from the other night here.  Pretty cool, isn't it?

Elder Graf

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