Sunday, October 20, 2013



Can you believe it??  They already came again!  And the verdict is:

I'm staying in the same area with the same companion.  Cool huh?  So I now have until the first week in December to see this area grow.  I'm super happy that I'm staying here, I just barely am starting to feel like I'm getting a good understanding of this area and how I can best help the people here.  So now I have at least 6 more weeks to do it!

So this last week has been BUSY BUSY BUSY.  We, for the first time in our zone, had an English Village.  A lot of other churches and businesses do them, so our mission decided to try it out in each of our zones.  An English Village is a mock American town.  "Customers" come into our church, which has been completely decorated, and "travel" to America in which they make stops at the airport, a restaurant, the hospital, a clothing store, a movie theater, and finally church.  Each stop is really just a different room in the church that has been decorated to fit it's theme.  So in the end, it's a big event in which Koreans can practice English in many different situations without going to America to do it.

All week long, we were preparing for the Village - advertising about it on the street, hanging up fliers all over the city, and making decorations all day and night.  Finally, Saturday came and the Village was open from 1-5.  It was a success - lots of people came and they all really enjoyed the activity.  We even found new investigators out of it!  So we'll be meeting with them later this next week.

Anyway, that was the main event from last week.  Sometimes I feel like I'm on a mission in Korean to teach English, not the gospel.  It's kind of interesting.  But it helps us find investigators so it's worth it!

Anyway, I'm out of time - I've got to go.  Thanks for all of your support!  Talk to you next week!

Elder Graf

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