Monday, September 2, 2013

Week 5 Transfer 3

I feel really bad for all of these letters being so short! I get emails from other missionaries and they write novels.  How in the world??  Where do they get all that time??  After writing my mission president, I have literally only 20 minutes left to read my emails AND write back.  So I'm sorry in advance if my letters aren't as long or detailed filled as you would hope.  Also, I'm sorry for not including pictures.  I have over 1000 that I've taken already,  it just takes time to email pictures and - as I already went over - time is something that I don't have.  Hopefully one week I'll figure this time thing out and send some pictures.
So, this week was great.  We started it off by going to Sunyudo on P-day, a wonderful island of paradise off the coast of Gunsan.  Then, the rest of the week we met with our wonderful investigators.  There's not many, but they are all so great and all have so much potential.  Especially a 30 year old Filipino that we teach.  She tells us that she is just searching for truth and I had the wonderful opporunity to testify to her in our lesson that she has found it.  That even though life is hard, and we don't know all the answers to everything (she has A LOT of DEEP questions about life, the bible, God, etc.), she has found the source where she can find peace, truth, and the fullness of happiness in this life.  It's called the Gospel!  Anyway, she's not getting baptized yet, but she's progressing so much.
So teaching all week was great, English Class was again wonderful, and Sunday came around in no time.  We had planned to visit one of our members for home teaching (we do that too)  in the evening, but another member made him cancel our home teaching visit with us so she could invite us over to her house for dinner with the Bishop.  Haha, the Koreans don't mess around with their food.  Anyway, we arrived at her house and we noticed there was no food in the kitchen. The lights in the kitchen, in fact, were off and it didn't look like she was making any preperations.  What was going on??  The Bishop and 2nd counselor then arrived and they asked also had the same confusion.  Then, our member that invited us over grabbed her wallet and said "Alright lets go!"
Um what?? It's Sunday!
I didn't know exactly what to do, haha.  On one hand, we're told to not eat out on Sundays.  On the other, we're told to not reject food.  I was conflicted.  But then when the Bishop and 2nd counselor said "Okay, what restaraunt?"  I figured we didn't really have any choice but to go along.  Haha, so there we all were, Bishop and all, eating out at a fantasticly delicious restaraunt last night.  Oh well!
Anyway, I have always had a way getting things my way.  Even though I'm a missionary, there is no exception to that character trait of mine haha.  When I first arrived in Gunsan, I noticed a couple things that I wanted to do.  The two main attractions though were the islands off the coast and Geumsansa - a Buddhist temple up in the mountains.  After a few months of being here, I finally convinced my companion to go to the islands, all that was left on my list was Geumsansa.  
A couple weeks back, I presented that idea to my Zone Leader for a Zone activity.  He sad it probably wouldn't work, but he would think about it.  THEN, last week we got a text from him saying we would be going on an activity and we had two options: Geumsansa, or an old Korean shopping center.   I then began my campaign, texting all the sisters in my zone to NOT CHOOSE the shopping center and why they should choose Geumsansa.  Anyway, the votes were casted and the today, we went on a Zone Activity to, you guessed it, Geumsansa.
So now I have wonderful pictures of an amazing Buddhist temple with incredible scenery and buildings and golden Buddha statues.  Sadly, I'm out of time so I can't really send them.  Oh well!  Haha, another week.  But you can at least use your imagination.
Thanks for all you support, wish me luck!
Elder Graf

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